Universal Winch Mounting Plate for 4-Post Lift

By: Warren Steel

Universal Winch Mounting Plate for 4-Post Lift
Universal Winch Mounting Plate for 4-Post Lift
Universal Winch Mounting Plate for 4-Post Lift
Universal Winch Mounting Plate for 4-Post Lift
Universal Winch Mounting Plate for 4-Post Lift

Upgrade your 4-post lift with our innovative and versatile Universal Winch Plate Bracket, designed to revolutionize your automotive lifting experience. This high-quality accessory is engineered to provide seamless compatibility with a wide range of 4-post lifts, making it an essential addition to any professional auto shop, DIY Car Enthusiast, or home garage. FREE Shipping in the continental United States is included. *Winch is NOT included.*


This Winch Mounting Plate is designed to fit any lift with a 2.00" x 4.00" crossmember or 2.50" x 5.00" crossmember. 

Key Features:

Universal Fit: Our Winch Plate Bracket is meticulously designed to fit most standard 4-post lifts, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. It's compatible with a variety of lift brands, offering an ideal solution for those seeking a versatile and adaptable accessory.

Heavy-Duty Construction: Crafted from premium-grade, heavy-duty steel, and powder coated for protection, this bracket is built to withstand the rigors of daily use. The robust construction ensures maximum durability and longevity, providing a reliable solution for your lifting needs.

Secure Winch Integration: The bracket comes with secure mounting points, allowing you to easily attach a compatible winch. Now you can use your winch and lower vehicles with unparalleled ease and precision, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency in your shop.

Enhanced Safety: Safety is our top priority, and this winch plate bracket is no exception. With its reinforced design and precise engineering, you can have confidence in your vehicle's stability during the lifting process.

Easy Installation: The Universal Winch Plate Bracket is designed for user-friendly installation, saving you time and effort. The package includes all necessary hardware and clear instructions, ensuring a smooth setup process.

Versatile Applications: Whether you need to lift heavy-duty trucks, SUVs, or smaller vehicles, this bracket is up for the task. Its versatility makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of automotive lifting requirements.

Sleek Design: The bracket's sleek and streamlined design not only adds a touch of professionalism to your lift but also ensures a clutter-free workspace, allowing you to focus on your work without distractions.

Upgrade your 4-post lift to a whole new level with the Universal Winch Plate Bracket. Its reliability, adaptability, and ease of use will transform the way you handle automotive lifting tasks, increasing productivity and making your work more enjoyable without getting all your buddies together to push your vehicle on a lift. Invest in this essential accessory today and experience the difference it makes in your garage or auto shop!


List of winches that will fit on the Universal Winch Mounting Plate without modifications:

Badland Winches
Badland 1500 LB 120 AC Electric Winch. SKU 61672, 96127 (3.15 x n/a BP)
Badland 2000 LB Utility Trailer Winch with Steel Rope. SKU 57365 (3.15 x n/a BP)
Badland 2500 LB ATV / Utility Winch with Wire Rope and Wireless Remote Control. SKU 56258, 56529 (3.15 x n/a BP)
Badland 3500 LB ATV Powersport 12v with Wire Rope Winch. SKU 56259, 56528 (3 x 4.88 BP)
Badland 5000 LB ATV Powersport 12v Winch with Wire Rope. SKU 56326, 56530 (3 x 6.6 BP)
Badland 5500 LB UTV Long Drum Winch with Synthetic Rope. SKU 57535 (3 x 6.6 BP)
Badland 5500 LB UTV Short Drum Winch with Synthetic Rope. SKU 57206 (3 x 4.88 BP)
Badland 9500 LB Truck/SUV Winch with Wire Rope. SKU 59408 (4 ½ x 10 BP)
Badland 12000 LB Winch with Synthetic Rope and Wireless Remote. SKU 56385 (4 ½ x 10 BP)
Badland 12000 LB Winch with Steel Rope and Wireless Remote. SKU 57918 (4 ½ x 10 BP)

Mile Marker Winches
9000 LB PN. 75-50058C (4.5 x 10 BP)
H9000 LB PN. 70-50080C (4.5 x 10 BP)
H10500 LB PN. 70-50050C (4.5 x 10 BP)
H12000 LB PN. 70-52000C (4.5 x 10 BP)
HI9000 LB PN. 75-50085C (4.5 x 10 BP)
HI10500 LB PN. 75-50050C (4.5 x 10 BP)
HI12000 LB PN. 75-52000C (4.5 x 10 BP)

Super Winches
Terra 2500 LB PN. 1125260 (3 X 4.9 BP)
Terra 2500SR LB PN. 1125270 (3 X 4.9 BP)
Terra 3500 LB PN. 1135260 (3 X 4.9 BP)
Terra 3500SR LB. PN. 1135270 (3 X 4.9 BP)
Terra 4500 LB PN. 1145260 (3 X 4.9 BP)
Terra 4500SR LB PN.1145270 (3 X 4.9 BP)

Ramsey Winches
Badger 2500 LB (3 X 4.9 BP)
Ramsey 9500 LB. REP 9.5E (4.5 X 10 BP)

Warn Winches
VRX 45 4500 LB PN. 101045 (3 X 6.59 BP)
VRX 45-S 4500 LB PN. 101040 (3 X 6.59 BP)
VRX 35 3500 LB PN. 101035 (3 X 4.87 BP)
VRX 35-S 3500 LB PN. 101030 (3 X 4.87 BP)
VRX 25 2500 LB PN. 101025 (3 X 4.87 BP)
VRX25-S 2500 LB PN. 10120 (3 X 4.87 BP)